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アイデア枯渇、postジリ貧状態のブロガーがまなぶべきメジャーリーガー達のスランプ脱出法 他全4本の英文ブログ記事(^-^)/


Sophisticated Blogger
Sophisticated Blogger / Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

『Successfully Working From a Home-based Office』

What Works Best to Get Your Home Office Working for You? | Liz Strauss at Successful Blog





As a work from home entrepreneur, you will constantly fight a battle between your work life and home life. Allowing the two to blend can spawn more distractions than you can handle. If you have a family, make it clear that your work time is private time – they should act as if you aren’t even there unless it’s an emergency.


Few people enjoy their job 100% of the time (does anyone, really?) and not having a direct supervisor to keep that television off can spell disaster for even the strongest of wills.

spell trouble / disasterなどろくでもないことを引き起こす専用のspellが使われています。

『Shanghai's Nanjing East Apple Store to open this weekend』

Shanghai's Nanjing East Apple Store to open this weekend - TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog




『The Wall Street Journal Brings Its Content to Facebook』

Mashable - The Social Media Guide



The Wall Street Journal がFacebookのアプリとなって登場しましたよという記事。えっなんでまたあのちょっと敷居の高いThe Wall Street Journalが、Facebookに?!といいますと、

This is the latest manifestation of the newspaper’s “WSJ Everywhere” strategy, which aims to make its content more ubiquitous.

出ました〜流行りの⁇単語 ubiquitous が。なんとも可愛らしい響きのこの単語。


seeming to be everywhere – sometimes used humorously:


『The Major League Baseball Guide to Pulling Out of a Blogging Slump
Written by Judy Dunn - 10 Comments』

The Major League Baseball Guide to Pulling Out of a Blogging Slump | Cat's Eye Writer Blog | Judy Dunn | Blogging Coach | Social Media Copywriter



You can’t put a good swing on a bad pitch and you can’t make a gem-filled post out of a crappy idea. Don’t work too hard on trying to turn a so-so idea into that perfect post.

Toss it and pick another one.




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